About Shadow Games

The Shadow Games Youth Project is part of Second Wave Youth Arts’s ‘Prevent’ outreach programme. This drama based approach is delivered in collaboration with the Home Office (OSCT), Lewisham Crime Reduction Service, Metropolitan Police Service (Lewisham), local schools, colleges and community partners. 

It is the story of a 19 year old who is drawn into a world of extremism. He is influenced by an older man who encourages bloodshed and violence.

Osiris and Samuel

‘Hit them where it hurts, then they listen…. you’re going to make history, Samuel…’

19-year-old Samuel is a natural gamer. He can beat anyone on line and his ‘Black Ops’ scores are legendary. But, in his mind, Samuel is playing a different game – one where the stakes are high, for both him and his family. When a powerful new influence comes into his life, what happens when the fantasy of violence becomes a reality?

Report by BBC 4 Today:



A young activist for peace, 19 year old media student – Spider is a Peace activist. She believes in fighting for Human Rights and organises non-violent demonstrations against warfare. She’s opposed to the use of Drone attacks in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan where innocent people have been killed or injured. She thinks President Barack Obama should have kept his promise by now to close down Guantanamo Bay – the detention centre in Cuba where terrorist suspects are imprisoned without trial. She becomes involved in a protest movement and is introduced by a friend to an activist called Osiris. He is a powerful motivational speaker and brings in a new member of the group – 17-year-old, Samuel. Samuel is very bright and offers to help her cause. But unknown to her, Samuel is being set up to infiltrate the group and to plant an explosive device at the protest.

‘Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in the moving performance and discussion about the complexity of the issues of vulnerability and radicalization. I was very impressed by the actors, and the breadth of the script…. I think schools with student populations that are particularly vulnerable to this type of manipulation would benefit greatly from this presentation and discussion…. Again, my sincere thanks for allowing me to participate in your event…’

Vince Murphy, Cultural Affairs Attache, US Embassy

Find out more about the Summer Production of Shadow Games here.


Second Wave Youth Arts is an educational charity based in Deptford, Lewisham since 1982. We develop projects of direct relevance to the local community through our strong and open collaborative method. An active member of Lewisham Safer Neighbourhood Board, the Hate Crime Working Group and other community-based initiatives, Second Wave is well placed within the community to reach out to diverse audiences and sensitively approach complex issues affecting us all.

Find out more about Second Wave here.

Second Wave is supported by London Borough of Lewisham, the Home Office, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Second Wave Youth Arts is a registered charity # 1024836

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